10 Most Popular Songs

1. “You Belong With Me”: 612,523,231 Views

This hit song from her sophomore album Fearless has raked in the most YouTube views. The single was certified quadruple platinum, and it remains Taylor’s third best-selling single to date. Just like most of Taylor’s songs, “you belong with me” is based on a real life occurrence. The song video is certainly a win with Taylor playing the role of a shy nerd in love with a hunky jock.

2. “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”: 407,234,288 Views

Coming in second is the funky song from Taylor’s fourth studio album Red. In the song, Taylor lashes out at one of her ex-boyfriends who just can’t let go. You would expect a sad video, but it’s actually a catchy tune that gets the fans dancing.

3. I knew You Were Trouble: 330,775,979 Views

Red popped yet another record-breaking single.  We are used to Taylor sticking with the pop/ country genre, but the song featured dubstep, which Taylor pulled off quite well. Taylor unleashes her rage of how she ignored red flags from one of her ex-boyfriends. The sour relationship motivated her to pen down one of her favorite songs.

4. Love Story: 314,160,641 Views

The song title is akin to the music video. We have Taylor flexing her acting chops as she plays out the role of Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but this time we have a happy ending. The lead single from her sophomore album received critical acclaim for its writing style and plot. It’s one of those harmonious songs that everybody can’t help but sing along.

5. “22”:  372,855,137 Views

Being 22 was the favorite year of Taylor’s life, and she couldn’t help but release a song to mark her milestone. It’s one of Taylor’s “youngest” songs having been released in March 2013, but it seems being 22 is a favorite for many. The sixth single from her fourth album has cranked up enough views to make it to the top 5.

6. “Mine”: 218,074,264 Views

The front-runner of Taylor’s third album reflects on how we tend to run away from love. The music video which received great appraise went ahead to win the Video of The Year Award in 2011. The lyrical craftsmanship was also lauded for its creativity.

7. “Our Song”: 126,563,000 Views

Another one of those love-dovey and heartwarming songs from Swift. She penned down the song in her freshman year in high school although it wasn’t released until 2007. The bouncy country melody became one of Taylor’s uber successful songs charting on the Top 20 in Billboard hot 100.

8. “Mean”: 139,473,595 Views

“Mean” talks about people who criticize Taylor’s every move. What makes the song video stand out is the fact that it’s really relatable. There is an instance where the nerds can’t sit next to the cheerleaders, an everyday reality in a typical high school. But towards the end of the video we see the “awkward” peeps thriving in success. It brings the message home.

9. “Everything Has Changed”: 192,502,378 Views

Swift teamed up with British singer Ed Sheeran in the ballad “everything has changed.” The song video features Young Taylor and Sheeran whose friendship parlays into a happily ever after. Simply adorable and awe-inspiring.

10. “Fifteen”: 111,621,497 Views

Rounding off our 10 most popular Taylor Swift Songs on YouTube is the fourth single from the album Fearless. Taylor reminisces on her first heartbreak and also offers pointers to fifteen year olds on how love can mess you up. It’s an emotional song that shows us Taylor’s vulnerable side.